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On the internet, there is plenty of financial information available for free. However, as a trader, it becomes increasingly difficult to find valuable information to increase trading profit.
The idea behind NotFinancialAdvice is to collect and interpret financial information and provide traders with a transparent view on the performance of financial experts.

# Source Main Assets # Signals Profit per Signal Total Profit Profit over Time Trend (30d)
1 Legit Crypto 2 213.50 USD 427.00 USD
2 Crypto AMD 4 99.74 USD 398.94 USD
3 iTradeCrypto 1 356.00 USD 356.00 USD
4 Crypto Freedom 1 34.00 USD 34.00 USD
5 Haejin Lee 1 -24.41 USD -24.41 USD

Top Assets


Asset # Signals Current Sentiment
Bitcoin 22
Ethereum 5
Cardano 3

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Latest Signals


Date Signal Source Asset Prediction
02 Jan 2019 Young And Investing Bitcoin
20 Dec 2018 datadash Bitcoin
08 Dec 2018 datadash Bitcoin
05 Nov 2018 Suppoman Stellar
20 Oct 2018 datadash Silver
12 Oct 2018 datadash XRP
12 Oct 2018 datadash Ethereum
09 Oct 2018 Cryptocurrency News Bitcoin
08 Oct 2018 datadash Gold
06 Oct 2018 Cryptocurrency News Cardano
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How it works is a platform that allows users to contribute data in form of financial information. Data includes:

  • Signal sources: Any person or organization that publishes financial information. This could be a crypto influencer for instance.
  • Signals: A signal is any thought, personal opinion or similar published by a signal source. For instance, the signal source can publish something like: "Bitcoin will go up to 50.000 USD by the end of the year".
  • Signal interpretation: As signals are often not well defined, we allow our users to interpret them and specify a profit they would have made by following a specific signal. By using the wisdom of the crowd we average over our users' opinion to obtain a more independent and complete picture of the performance of our signal sources.
  • Community Member: As a member you can contribute signal sources, signals and interpretations to our platform. With your account you have also access to all the data recorded on our platform.

We are at the very beginning of this project and data is constantly added to our platform. If you find that data is missing, please visit again at a later point in time or even better - sign up and contribute data!

Our Community

User # proposed sources # proposed signals
1. clive 10 56
2. alphasierra02 6 13
3. phil 2 2

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Our Vision

At the moment is centralized. However, we plan to move towards blockchain technology. At present it still seems early stage for blockchain technology and we plan to switch to decentralization once the technology is more mature.


The information presented on this website cannot be considered as investment advice. We solely reference public information on the internet and present it to the user.